Food and Drink

What’s Egusi Soup? Savannah Cafe Knows.

Hiding in plain sight on Lee Street near downtown Montgomery, Alabama, is a restaurant serving up nourishment with a West African and Caribbean influence. Savannah Cafe is a comfortable, immigrant-owned spot for those looking to try new food, quite possibly with names you’ve never heard of (and that you most likely can’t pronounce). I’ve been to Savannah a couple of […]

The Glory That is the Shashy’s Brunch

In a town that is inexcusably deprived of brunch options, I have made it my personal mission to explore them all. My grievances come from a place of confusion: how is it that, in a capital city with throngs of people coming and going to either visit our memorials or pass through on their way to some other destination, we […]

Hamburger King: I Should Have Known

We all know Montgomery is a strange patchwork collection of restaurants tucked away in unexpected places, serving glorious food and managing to stay in business through their respective loyalists refusing to go anywhere else to meet their hunger needs. Hamburger King isn’t a place you’re likely to find on your own; it might take a friend dragging you by the […]

How to Celebrate Mardi Gras in Montgomery

Fat Tuesday is sneaking up on us fast this year. I swear I only just got my 2019 wall calendar put up. But time keeps rolling whether I’m keeping up or not, and Montgomery is offering us a few things to do this upcoming Mardi Gras. The Downtown Business Association’s annual Mardi Gras Block Party took place this past weekend, […]

Mardi Gras Four Course, Beer-Pairing Dinner

Join us on March 5th in the taproom for a wonderful evening of delicious, creative takes on classic Mardi Gras dishes, including Chicken and Sausage Gumbo and Cassoulet, paired perfectly with our latest beer offerings. Our guest chefs, Davena and Nick Jernigan of On a Roll, have worked closely with our head brewer to create an exciting menu that showcases […]

This Week at a Glance: February 18 – 23

All week long there will be live theatre and special films being shown throughout the city. Of course, Montgomery has one or two other rad things happening too. Below are only the highlights! Check out the calendar of events to see the complete list of happenings in Montgomery this week. The February Wine Tasting at Goat Haus is happening this […]

Upcoming Event Brunches

It has quickly become my personal mission to discover all things brunchy in Montgomery. It seems what we lack in a good, regular, Bloody Mary-and-eggs-benny brunch, we make up for in special events. Spring in particular seems to be blessedly dense with such bacony goodness. Peruse below for upcoming special events where you can get your fill of mimosas and […]

Get Excited: Super Rad Upcoming Montgomery Events

You know what they say: if you’re bored, then you’re boring. Or maybe it was just Harvey Danger that said that. Whatever. Anyway here’s February’s featured hits for Montgomery. The events below are what I’m personally most excited about, and if none of this tickles your fancy (BUT HOW COULD IT NOT) then head over to the official calendar to […]

Where to Find Coffee in Montgomery

I’ll just go ahead and get straight to the bad news first: there are only three places to get locally-owned coffee in Montgomery. Four if you count the over sugary drinks you can get at that hut on Atlanta Highway. There’s at least eight places to find Starbucks, but I hope you’ll consider supporting one of these amazing local […]

A Hopefully Incomplete List of Dog-Friendly Patios

It seems tragic to me how few pups there are frequenting the same establishments as I am. I’m unsure about the health department regulations regarding dogs at restaurants, but I’ve noticed in Montgomery it is tough to find places that are pooch-friendly. There are a few places, however, with with dogs on their patios. Here’s what I’ve found so far: […]