Creative Ways to Support Montgomery Businesses Right Now

Montgomery businesses have stepped up their game to continue providing for their employees and their communities, and it’s up to us to support them (from a safe social distance, of course). Some of these ideas require some, albeit minimal, contact with others. Some require none at all. However you support your community, I hope you’ll stay safe and stay home whenever possible!

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1. Get your coffee delivered by the gallon

Prevail Union is not only staying open, but they’re now delivering iced lattes by the gallon or half gallon right to your door. Order from their website and mix and match your favorite milk and syrups, and my friend Scooter will bring it over to you.

Bonus points for ordering coffee for a hospital worker, which you can also do from their website!

2. Watch a Capri movie in your living room

The Capri has gotten creative by allowing us to screen their films from home! Head over to their website to order a movie to watch in the comfort of your living room. You can even yell at your cat to turn their phone on silent, for the full theatre experience.

3. Pick up a cocktail kit from Leroy

This one will require a quick trip out in public, but if you feel comfortable doing so, Leroy is serving up their entire selection to take home and enjoy without someone climbing over you to order their drink. They even have cocktail kits, and the bartenders are dying to teach you how to assemble them yourself.

4. Order a family-style dinner from Vintage Year

VY is slinging dinners for two or four, and they’re still doing burger night on Tuesdays! Order from their website to see what they’re cooking up each day.

5. Chill with Shakespeare at Home

Alabama Shakespeare Festival is offering all sorts of free- and paid- virtual experiences! Keep an eye out for the Play On series coming out on April 10th, featuring ASF actors and their favorite Shakespeare monologues.

6. Purchase merchandise or gift cards online

Don’t want to leave your house or have someone deliver something to you? Many Montgomery businesses are relying on online merchandise and gift card sales right now. Check your favorite establishments’ websites to see what they’re selling.

7. Hire your unemployed friends for remote work

The businesses aren’t the only ones that are struggling. Employees from all types of businesses are facing layoffs and don’t know how they’re going to pay the bills. If you have a friend who is facing hard times, and you’re in the financial situation to do so, consider hiring them for remote work. I’m a web developer, but others might have other gifts they can share with you. Have you considered offering to pay your hair dresser to teach you how to style your hair? Commissioned a tattoo artist to create an original piece for you? Had your friend video call your child to tutor them through some homework? Get creative, and support those around you.

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