A Hopefully Incomplete List of Dog-Friendly Patios

It seems tragic to me how few pups there are frequenting the same establishments as I am. I’m unsure about the health department regulations regarding dogs at restaurants, but I’ve noticed in Montgomery it is tough to find places that are pooch-friendly.

There are a few places, however, with with dogs on their patios. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

Midtown Pizza Kitchen

2940 Zelda Road, Montgomery, AL 36106
Website | Facebook

The location is best accessed by driving to the back of the strip mall, but once you find it there’s some umbrella-ed tables ready for you to sit with your dog. Make sure you go inside first to let them know you’d like a table outside.

Prevail Union

39 Dexter Ave #102, Montgomery, AL
Website | Facebook

You have to walk down the “pocket park” between Prevail and the next building over, but there’s a lovely back patio behind Prevail that is dog-friendly. Fun trivia: the pocket park is the site of the building where Rosa Parks used to work.


2756 Boultier St, Montgomery, AL 36106
Website | Facebook

The back of Leroy has a delightful sitting area and I can personally vouch for the loss of at least one tennis ball back there. To access, walk down the alley and enter through the gate.

Cafe Louisa / Tomatino’s

503 Cloverdale Road, Montgomery, AL 36106
Cafe Louisa Website | Cafe Louisa Facebook
Tomatino’s Website | Facebook

The patio chairs in front of the cafe and restaurant are often frequented by puppy dogs, including my roommate’s when I steal them.

Vintage Cafe

416 Cloverdale Rd, Montgomery, AL 36106
Website | Facebook

Right near Louisa is Vintage; again, there’s a killer patio that is dog-friendly.

Moe’s Original Bar B Que

Website | Facebook

The patio is in front of the restaurant and is accessible by a gate immediately next to the front door.

Capitol Oyster Bar

Website | Facebook

Walk your pup around the side of Capitol to access the back patio and enjoy the lovely view of the river.

Irish Bred Pub

Website | Facebook

Non-service pets are allowed to hang out with you on on Bred’s balcony, overlooking downtown Montgomery.

Cahawba House

Website | Facebook

Seating in front of the restaurant can also be enjoyed by canines as your eating your delicious Southern biscuits.

Common Bond Brewers / Bibb Street Pizza

Bibb Street Website | Bibb Street Facebook
Common Bond Website | Common Bond Facebook

Between cornwhole, local pizza, local beer, and a pup-friendly patio, the shared space between Common Bond and Bibb Street is ideal for hanging out in good weather.

Unconfirmed: The Exchange

Website | Facebook

The outdoor seating area at The Exchange is wide open, so it seems like dogs are allowed, though I am not certain.

Unconfirmed: First Watch

Website | Facebook

The patio area is semi-closed in.

BONUS: Mama Mocha’s in Auburn

Website | Facebook

I hate to go down the rabbit hole of what is available outside of the Gump, but Mama Mocha’s in Auburn simply must be included on this list. The inside of the coffee shop is dog friendly. They serve great coffee, delicious food, and you can often find labradors snoozing on one of their great, comfy sofas.


    1. I’m so excited you’re pumped! I absolutely need to keep figuring out which places out east like pooches. Unfortunately, Blackfinn closed so I gotta look elsewhere

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