Point of View

The Fairview Strip is Finally Condemned, and It’s a Good Thing

The residents of Montgomery have pulled ahead in the ongoing match between people who care about this city, and Mike Watson. After the roof collapsed earlier this week on a building on Cloverdale’s beloved Fairview strip, a condemnation notice went up to announce Watson’s neglect. The notice answers Cloverdale’s question of whether the city would follow through on their public […]

Two Ladies, Some Wine, and Some Jubilee

This evening’s adventure into Cottage Hill was the medicine I needed for a twenty-four hour emotional roller coaster in my personal life. It was sweet and a celebration of a few lesser-appreciated offerings in Montgomery. Tonight was one of the few of which the stars aligned and I was able to go out with a dear friend. We took full […]

Why is Cloverdale Being Held Hostage?

My introduction to socialization in Montgomery was via Cloverdale six years ago. I lived in the apartments ran by the Residence Group on the corner of Norman Bridge and Felder. Unable to afford wifi, I walked to Derk’s in the evenings to sit on the outdoor furniture to feed off their signal with my laptop for a few heavenly minutes […]

Quit Complaining. (An Introduction to Marauder)

Nails on a chalkboard. That’s what it’s like each time someone says this town sucks and there’s nothing to do here. It’s like goddamn nails on a chalkboard. It’s a tired, broken record and I’m really done with defending my appreciation for this town. So what if I didn’t grow up here? How much credibility does that take away from […]