There are Ice Bumper Cars in Montgomery! And, We Marauded Them

Sitting plainly on the decrepit and otherwise unassuming Atlanta Highway is Eastdale Mall, the uglier older sibling to Montgomery’s own EastChase. Eastdale represents a memory of times past: as the only indoor mall in Montgomery, half the businesses are empty and the surrounding area leaves everything to be desired. We know indoor malls are quickly becoming a thing of history, […]

Fun Runs, 5ks, and More: Upcoming Runs to Get You to the End of the Year

Round is a Shape Have you ever travelled to a place where all the locals just seemed ridiculously more attractive than you? I hear Spain is especially good if you’re looking to bruise your ego. Due to our affinity for meat-and-threes combined with our refusal to install bike lanes, Montgomery probably isn’t known for being one of those places. But, […]

Trivia Nights in Montgomery

We have to begin here with the acknowledgment that a lot of these trivia nights are fluid in nature. They occasionally get cancelled or rescheduled, so it’s best to check their websites or give them a call to make sure their night is still on. Here’s all the trivia nights Montgomery has to offer: Tower Taproom: Every Tuesday at 7 […]

Where to Celebrate Halloween in Montgomery 2019

Crunch Bars are the best candy to show up in your trick-or-treating bag and anyone who believes otherwise is a Communist. The poor souls who come to my house each year don’t get coat their cavities with Crunches because I’m quite thorough at picking through the bag I buy at the grocery store and pulling them all out. That being […]

Two Ladies, Some Wine, and Some Jubilee

This evening’s adventure into Cottage Hill was the medicine I needed for a twenty-four hour emotional roller coaster in my personal life. It was sweet and a celebration of a few lesser-appreciated offerings in Montgomery. Tonight was one of the few of which the stars aligned and I was able to go out with a dear friend. We took full […]

On Skulls and Pills: BUZZ at Shakespeare Festival

I have a secret, if you promise not to judge me. This is a safe place and it’s my house so you have to not judge me. Here it is: I’ve never seen Hamlet. I’m sure I was forced to read it at some point in high school when all those mean English and theatre teachers pin students down and […]

The Absolute Best Sushi in Montgomery, AL

Montgomery Marauder asked, Instagram answered. Check Marauder’s Instagram stories for a chance to chime in with your own opinion on the best spots in town or to see how others have already responded to past questions. Don’t just take it from me. In no particular order, here’s where residents of Montgomery think are the absolute best spots to find sushi: […]

Four Montgomery Pride Events You Don’t Wanna Miss

The LGBT family is partying this weekend and allies are welcome to get in on the fun! Here’s how you can celebrate Pride in Montgomery, Alabama this year: Get Lit at GTSouth The Geek and Gaming Tavern is hosting an LGBT Q&A and Dance Party this weekend! Stop by anytime Friday or Saturday evening to join the celebration. The Q&A […]

Independence Day in the Gump 2019

Need to know how to celebrate Independence Day in Montgomery, Alabama this year? I’ve got you, fam. Before we dive too deep into this, it’s important to share with you a pro tip I’ve learned from firsthand experience during last year’s debacle of an attempted fireworks viewing. The city REALLY wants you to watch the fireworks at Biscuits stadium, and […]