A Hidden Gem in the Music Scene: Montgomery’s Own Josh Carples

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Local, Montgomery music is a seriously underappreciated scene, and it’s time we do something about that. Places like The Exchange and Sinclair’s East regularly provide us with live shows. Our underground punk rock scene is so wildly passionate, I’m thinking about getting a mohawk. We have an incredible, top-quality recording studio located right on the Sanctuary’s grounds. And, we have Josh Carples.

Carples’s new album, Carry the Wounds, is out today, and I’ve been listening to it for several weeks now. It’s been on while I’ve been cooking or been updating the Events Calendar. I’ve been crushing it while getting ready for work. It’s a sound for all the time.

His gentle voice pairs perfectly with his acoustic guitar, creating an otherworldly sound that seems suspended in midair. It’s a classic, but finely executed sound – you know, not one that’s chasing boppy pop trends or pounding unintelligible lyrics into your eardrums. It’s refreshing.

His lyrics are almost too poetic in a world where repeated syllables and the same verse over and over is usually all we hear.

Here, try this on for size:

Did we ever stop to face
The broken pieces in our way?
Shards of glass stick in our feet
And blood remains where we meet

See? Told ya. He’s good.

Give the music a try and support local artists in Montgomery. Be a part of making a difference in the arts here in the Gump and know that you’re part of the wave of change that’s upon us. We can’t just sit around anymore – we need to be active in the steps we take to embrace the good parts of this city. Carples has offered us a gift; it’s time to accept it.

If you aren’t interested in checking out the album (because you’re a dummy), at least check out his website – I promise it’s good. Carples’s artistry transcends his music and reaches his film and blogs, too.

Here’s the video for Liquid Heart, from the new album (see if you recognize any of the scenes!):

Here’s where to find the new album, Carry the Wounds, which came out today:
Apple Music | Spotify | Amazon | YouTube | Bandcamp

Josh Carples Website | Josh Carples on Facebook (give him a Like for more updates!)

Liz Kurtz lives in the Cloverdale-Idylwild neighborhood of Montgomery, Alabama. She has been living here on and off since 2013 and currently works at El Rey and Leroy in Cloverdale. You can email her at liz@montgomerymarauder.com.

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