Food and Drink

Brunch at The House

Brunch at the House at the Renaissance has been marauded! Did you even know the Renaissance had brunch? Check out the menu here. The staff is, of course, used to serving hotel guests 99% of the time (as was evident when they explained what Conecuh sausage is to me), but that doesn’t mean they should keep this service a secret […]

The Absolute Best Sushi in Montgomery, AL

Montgomery Marauder asked, Instagram answered. Check Marauder’s Instagram stories for a chance to chime in with your own opinion on the best spots in town or to see how others have already responded to past questions. Don’t just take it from me. In no particular order, here’s where residents of Montgomery think are the absolute best spots to find sushi: […]

Goat Haus (Breakfast Saga Part I)

Goat Haus Biergarten was at the top of my must-explore list since it opened in 2017. Until yesterday, that is. The breakfast marauders and I made it to their Saturday morning brunch. While the awkward space doesn’t lend itself to a comfy, inviting atmosphere, it’s easy to see get the idea. Counter service at the back of the restored home […]

There’s a secret group of breakfast explorers in Montgomery.

Coming soon to a former Confederate capitol near you: BREAKFAST. How often have you heard that Montgomery is seriously lacking in boozy, eggy options on a Saturday morning? Probably a lot if you’ve read this site enough. Sorry I’m not sorry for calling on our local businesses to step up their breakfast game. Consider this announcement to be a trailer […]

The Absolute Best Tacos in Montgomery

A friend recently asked if I was pregnant when she saw me drinking only water at a brewery. Never one to pass up the shock value of an inappropriate joke, I stuck out my gut and announced that yep, I sure did have a baby in there. Nevermind the truth. She called my bluff and said “that’s not a baby! […]

The Food Really Is that Good at Davis Cafe

As we all know, Montgomery offers no short supply of holes-in-the wall serving up drool-worthy foods in an establishment seriously lacking in curb appeal. Leading the charge is Davis Cafe, the shack near Old Alabama Town on Decatur Street that seems to be defying all rules of what is supposed to make a restaurant succeed. The building looks abandoned – […]

MARAUDER EXCLUSIVE: Sneak Peak at the New El Rey Menu

Sound the alarms! El Rey has updated their menus and we get to see them first! The shiny new items will be launched for the world to try this Monday, 3/18, and I hate to brag, but we’ve not only got the new menu here, but I’ve also had a chance to try some of these things. Oh lawd, it’s […]

3/16: St. Patty’s Day at the Goat

Be Irish for a day … all day at the Goat. Come celebrate St. Patty’s Day at the Goat Haus Biergarten. We will have Brunch starting at 9:00am followed by happy hour and live original music by The Powell Brothers and Friends to finish the night. Tickets are in the form of tips to the musicians so please, be a […]

How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Montgomery 2019

Your complete guide for Saint Patrick’s Day in Montgomery has arrived! The Gump is celebrating in style with multiple days of celebrations at our favorite places. From Guiness on a nitro tap at Leroy to corned beef and cabbage at The Zip Line, check out the list of events going on (below!) to find out where you can celebrate this […]