Where to Find Coffee in Montgomery

Featured photo by Jake Holsonback

I’ll just go ahead and get straight to the bad news first: there are only three places to get locally-owned coffee in Montgomery. Four if you count the over sugary drinks you can get at that hut on Atlanta Highway. There’s at least eight places to find Starbucks, but I hope you’ll consider supporting one of these amazing local businesses instead. They serve up some mighty fine coffee.

The good news is what we lack in the quantity of coffee shops, we more than make up for in quality. All three of these places serve up a darn good cup of coffee accompanied with some amazing atmostphere. The baristas are interested to know your name and I am personally *this close* to pouring a heart in your latte every single time.

In no particular order, here they are:

Prevail Union

39 Dexter Ave #102, Montgomery, AL
Website | Facebook

Or casually referred to as just “Prevail.” It consistently ranks as one of the best coffee shops in the entire state and the baristas and roastmaster are known to compete in the US Coffee Championships. As a bonus, Prevail has the only roastery in the entire city, so you can pick up some local beans for home brewing as well. Prevail baristas know their craft inside and out and can serve up a killer cup of coffee, but food offerings come in light snacks and pastries. Also: I work there! Come say hi!

Cafe Louisa

503 Cloverdale Rd, Montgomery, AL 36106
Website | Facebook

I have a soft spot for Cafe Louisa because it’s been there since my humble beginnings. I’ve sat at my computer for long hours at Louisa when they were at their old location. Louisa also has a kitchen and is attached to Tomatinos, the Italian place, so you can get a hefty meal if you’re feeling hungry.

Vintage Cafe

416 Cloverdale Rd, Montgomery, AL 36106
Website | Facebook

A sister to the swanky Vintage Year across the street, Vintage Cafe rests in a revamped bank. The original character of the building is exceptionally preserved (including the vault!). You can occasionally find me on my off days parked in the upstairs balcony, typing furiously at my computer at getting spooked when Prevail regulars and I catch each other there. Vintage roasts Stumptown beans and has a kitchen serving really delicious food (a little on the higher end, but you’re getting quality stuff).

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