The Glory That is the Shashy’s Brunch

In a town that is inexcusably deprived of brunch options, I have made it my personal mission to explore them all. My grievances come from a place of confusion: how is it that, in a capital city with throngs of people coming and going to either visit our memorials or pass through on their way to some other destination, we are so unfortunately devoid of options to drink a Bloody Mary and eat eggs Benedict on a Saturday morning?

I woke up this morning intent on continuing my mission to uncover our breakfast hideouts. I have a growing list of places to try and am steadily working my way through them all. Today I went to a spot on a whim, having not known they should have been on my list in the first place. Did you know Shashy’s serves up a mean Saturday brunch?

“Brunch,” to me, means hollandaise sauce, a vodka-and-juice cocktail, and the weekend. Anything else is firmly and simply just “breakfast.” Gimme dem poached eggs, goshdarnit. Shashy’s honorably stepped up to the plate today to meet my demands.

You need to know that Saturday brunch at Shashy’s is served until 2pm (!!) and has all the normal brunch options, including a Bloody Mary and mimosa. They are not open on Sundays, which I find forgivable in a city that often closes up on Saturday to cater to the after-church crowd on Sunday. There is a drive thru that I do not understand, but was told can be used on Saturdays to pick up call-ahead orders.

I went with three friends who each ordered something different; it’s like they know I’m running this website and want pictures, or something. Hooray for friends who will help me on my culinary explorations! You can thank Andrew, Rebekah, and Rachel for the variety of menu options displayed in the photos on this post. We arrived around 11am and had a table immediately. Adult beverages arrived promptly and our entrees arrived as everything we wanted and more.

I will be going back for brunch and I strongly recommend you do, too. My eggs Benny with a side of cheese grits were fantastic and the cleaned plates on the rest of the table indicated to me that my friends liked their food as well.

I can easily envision Shashy’s with a line out the door on a Saturday morning and can’t help but assume the only reason it doesn’t is because Montgomery has become complacent with our minimal Saturday brunch choices. But this place is genuinely good and, just like Hamburger King and all those other tasty Gump places, it’s not obvious from the building. It’s halfway between the Winn Dixie on Carter Hill and the interstate, and doesn’t really have a proper Shashy’s sign out front.

Shashy’s is open for lunch and breakfast during the week and they also have a huge assortment of bakery items for sale. For me, Shashy’s is one of those places I drive past but never think about going to. I have only maintained a vague and fleeting interest of it. The first and only other time I went, six years ago, the house next to it was engulfed in flames and today the empty lot consists of only the bricks that survived the fire. My relationship with Shashy’s is seriously underdeveloped and I feel completely left out of the loop for not knowing the glory that is their Saturday morning brunch before today.



  1. I really like this writer a lot. it’s nice hearing about the new/old things in Montgomery that many people don’t know about

  2. I heard someone the other day listing out the various brunch options, and wish I had written them down. Besides Goat Haus, I know of D’Road, Cahawba House, and Vintage Year, but I’ve not actually made it to any of them because I somehow always wind up at First Watch.

      1. As fate would have it, I had breakfast at D’Road this morning (which is essentially similar to their brunch). It was truly excellent. 1 down, 3 to go.

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