The Project

by Liz Kurtz, Pirate Captain of Montgomery Marauder

Things Weren’t Always This Way

It all started with a tantrum and an exclamation point. Montgomery as it used to be is nothing like it is today. It challenges expectations while standing firmly as a place of welcoming and of loosely interpreted driving laws. That last bit drives me bonkers, but I love these people regardless of their driving ineptitude.

Montgomery is fussy, it is lively, and it is a treasure trove of secrets. Hidden places, menu hacks, and ghost stories abound. Think of Zelda Fitzgerald dancing in the middle of the night, pissed off at Scott about something, with a bottle in one hand and contemplative thoughts on her next art piece rolling through her mind.

Everybody’s a Socialite

Montgomery Marauder came from the idea that this place is riding a tidal wave of change and we really need a vehicle to share the buzz. Because there’s loads to check out here. My goal? To add something to the site every. single. day. I especially like to update the calendar.

The Road Ahead

What’s the point of all this? It’s for us: the residents of Montgomery. To discover a local musician or try out a new item on a menu. To learn which school board members suck and which bars to avoid downtown. I’ll be the first to admit that Montgomery is seriously lagging on certain social endeavors, but I also firmly believe that, despite the length of the road we have ahead of us, we’re headed in the right direction. Have you checked out Common Bond yet? Tried an Alabama Stinger? Played a new game at GTSouth?

This is Montgomery, and it really is better than you think.

Liz Kurtz lives in the Cloverdale-Idylwild neighborhood of Montgomery, Alabama. She has been living here on and off since 2013 and currently works at El Rey and Leroy in Cloverdale. You can email her at