There’s a secret group of breakfast explorers in Montgomery.

Coming soon to a former Confederate capitol near you: BREAKFAST. How often have you heard that Montgomery is seriously lacking in boozy, eggy options on a Saturday morning? Probably a lot if you’ve read this site enough. Sorry I’m not sorry for calling on our local businesses to step up their breakfast game.

Consider this announcement to be a trailer teaser for a box office hit. Starring me, Natalie Portman. And some other generous people who have selflessly offered themselves as tribute for this process. I know, we sacrifice so much so you can have it all.

We’ve put together a master list of places serving up the most important meal of the day and we’re going to maraud them all. We’ll report back with best menu items, mimosa availability, pleasant surprises, and whatever else you need to know about where to fill up your tank before your very important day doing very important things.

But those who fall behind are not left behind, for we are an inclusive group of hungry hippos. Share your ideas with us on the best Montgomery breakfast secrets by sending in your tips, photos, or recommendations. Comment, share this post, and ask your labrador mix to get involved. We want breakfast options in Montgomery to be a secret no longer.

We’ll roll out our reports as we maraud (most likely on the Marauder Instagram) and keep you in the loop on what we’re discovering. I was blown away that time I found Shashy’s. I bet there’s more out there, and we will not stop until we’ve found them all.

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