Goat Haus (Breakfast Saga Part I)

Goat Haus Biergarten was at the top of my must-explore list since it opened in 2017. Until yesterday, that is. The breakfast marauders and I made it to their Saturday morning brunch.

While the awkward space doesn’t lend itself to a comfy, inviting atmosphere, it’s easy to see get the idea. Counter service at the back of the restored home and a smattering of tables and chairs throughout the partially-decorated rooms seems to me like they’re going for a no-nonsense, down-to-earth feel. When you remember there’s AirBnB space upstairs, it suddenly feels much more like a bed and breakfast than anything else.

Admittedly, I still don’t know why they call themselves a biergarten when you can’t see any taps (they’re behind a wall, apparently) nor when the selection didn’t seem as extensive nor unique as some other places around town. And, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t biergartens supposed to have some sort of…garden…component? There doesn’t appear to be any outdoor space to relax beyond the unshaded patio furniture set aside from the house that looks like a smoker’s banishment corner.

Still, I’m thankful for another establishment that offers a variety of microbrews for those of us with dreams of becoming a beer snob when we grow up. Goat Haus has potential.

Brunch was good and the dish that truly stood out was the hashbrown casserole. Blessedly, it’s available as a side option, if you want to go with something more substantial for your main course. The breakfast tacos start off rather wanting with only eggs and cheese sitting on your tortilla. For a few bucks extra, you can jazz them up with some other stuff. I added sausage and goat cheese to mine and a friend added onions, spinach, and goat cheese to his. After a sriracha drizzle, they were where they needed to be.

I regret not ordering the avocado toast, and Instagram has lead me to believe that this is where the establishment really shines. If you go, make sure at least one order makes it to your table (and then report back to me!).

Brunch isn’t brunch without booze, of course. Otherwise it’s just breakfast, don’t you think? Goat Haus serves wine and beer only, which extends to $10 bottomless mimosas. If other cool hangouts in Montgomery want to attract young people, they need to follow suit. Could you imagine if, say, Cahawba House offered up a bloody Mary with bacon-infused vodka? Or if Central served a brunch with bottomless pink grapefruit mimosas (because it’s Central, so, you know)?

The bottomless mimosas stood out to me because I’m not sure of how many other places are doing the same.

In all, Goat Haus needs a little polishing before they’ll be giving other hangouts in Montgomery a run for their money. They’ve been open long enough now that they should be out of the “just-opened-kinks” phase. It may not always look like it, but Montgomery has standards, damnit! Think of all those military members, college students, or SPLC interns who are coming here from Austin, Seattle, DC, or even Birmingham, for chrissake. We are a young crowd and we are ripe with a desire to find a cool place to hang out. Just throw up some string lights on your dog friendly patio and we’ll show up.

All that said, I truly think you should go. Gumpers want a boozy, affordable, Saturday morning brunch. Goat Haus is one of the few places that meets this demand. This is the type of business in Montgomery that we are all craving, even if it is still growing into itself. When I go back I’m going to eat the avocado toast with a side of hashbrown casserole and I’m going to test how far “bottomless” really goes.

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