Fun Runs, 5ks, and More: Upcoming Runs to Get You to the End of the Year

Round is a Shape

Have you ever travelled to a place where all the locals just seemed ridiculously more attractive than you? I hear Spain is especially good if you’re looking to bruise your ego.

Due to our affinity for meat-and-threes combined with our refusal to install bike lanes, Montgomery probably isn’t known for being one of those places. But, that doesn’t mean we are totally devoid opportunities to get in better shape! Below is a list of some runs to get you through the year. Usually these things are stroller- or dog-friendly, so if you just show up with the intention of walking the route, you can still feel better about stuffing your face at Derk’s after.

And, don’t forget: the Montgomery half marathon is coming up in March. NOW is the time to start training for it! More info on the Montgomery Half Marathon here.

Remaining Runs in Montgomery in 2019

November 23: Capitol 10-Miler & Turkey Burner 5K


November 28: Thanksgiving Day Fun Run (3.5 miles)


December 7: Jingle Bell Run (5k)


December 24: Christmas Eve Bumble Rumble Fun Run (3.5 miles)


Finish Strong: New Year’s Eve Fun Run (3.5 miles)


See you at the finish line!

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