The Absolute Best Tacos in Montgomery

A friend recently asked if I was pregnant when she saw me drinking only water at a brewery. Never one to pass up the shock value of an inappropriate joke, I stuck out my gut and announced that yep, I sure did have a baby in there. Nevermind the truth. She called my bluff and said “that’s not a baby! That’s just tacos! I see how much you post about them on Instagram!”

She’s not wrong. My belly is full of tacos these days as I’ve searched far and wide across Montgomery, conducting field research on the lay of the land. As it turns out, Montgomery has this crazy underground street taco scene that is legit. Being from Los Angeles, you know I’m as snobby as it gets when it comes to the quality of my tacos. I’ve got as many opinions on it as the next hipster.

I’ve eaten tongue, liver, head, belly, pork skin, carnitas, campechanos, and vegetarian tacos. I’ve drowned myself in salsa and I’m forever grateful I don’t have that gene that makes cilantro taste like soap. I’ve spoken Spanish to the best of my limited ability. My friend saw me down three tacos in five minutes when I got off a particularly long work shift. Trust me when I say I’ve done the experimenting so you don’t have to.

The tacos in the Gump are unique because they’re unadulterated. They’re served largely by immigrants who are bringing family recipes to people who pronounce “al pastor” the same way as they refer to the guy who tells them not to sin on a Sunday morning. For those who are laughing awkwardly and shifting in their seats, “al pastor” in pronounced al past-OR and the person who gives sermons is a PAST-er.

You’ll notice the places listed below do not include every Mexican restaurant in Montgomery. To be drool-worthy a place had to serve up a street taco in an authentic style. Bonus points if the server spoke Spanish with me and minus points if I couldn’t see the taco under a giant bed of shredded lettuce. I’ve been to a few places in Montgomery that are just plain lousy, and this blog isn’t meant to dissuade potential marauders from trying places, but instead encourage them to experience the good ones. The ones on this list are excellent.

These are not places with brilliant atmospheres. These places represent the food of the people. At nearly all of them you can grab two tacos for under five bucks and practice your Spanish while you’re at it. Three places I explored received a big fat “NO” from me. I was on the hunt for only the best.

I’m sure I’ve overlooked some rad taco stops on this list, and if I have I hope you’ll let me know. On that note, if you find something here you’ve never tried before, I hope you give it a shot and send me your thoughts on it.

Are you ready? Behold! In no particular order, I present to you The Marauder Approved List of Tacos in Montgomery:

Tacos Favorito

1865 Mount Meigs Road | Website

Tacos Favorito is tucked away in a building that’s been repurposed over the years and hasn’t yet updated all the signs. It’s cash only, so make sure to bring your stripper friends. Order at the back counter then wait at a table for your glorious tacos to arrive. The tacos come undressed (just like the stripper friend you brought with you), so be sure to head to the toppings bar to get them as you like. There are no chips and salsa but the inexpensive, delicious tacos make up for it.

El Chido

152 N Burbank Drive | Website

This one came to my attention from a marauder following the Instagram page. Walk through a grocery to find the tacos and other Mexican food at the back of the shop. There aren’t any chips and salsa and there is a toppings bar to fix yours up as you like. Pay at the front; they accept cash or card.

Taqueria El Campesino

1550 Mount Meigs Road | Website

I probably frequent El Campesino the most for its proximity to one of my jobs and its friendly atmosphere. It is attached to a grocer and located just down the street from Tacos Favorito. It comes with free chips and salsa and your tacos are dressed with white onions and cilantro. This is where I’ve tried head, pig skin, and vegetarian tacos.

El Taco Shop

3271 Malcolm Drive| Website

This is where you’re going to go if you’re on the far east side of town. It’s down Taylor Road in a strip mall and serves up tacos in a vibrant, modern atmosphere. Chips and salsa come if you order them and your tacos can be dressed how you like at their toppings bar.

La Coronilla

425 N Eastern Boulevard | Website

I used to refer to this one as “the place with the plants on the ceiling” but they’ve sadly taken those down. The chips and salsa are free and I’ve found no better guacamole in town than what I ate here. The tacos come with white onion, cilantro, and salsa verde on the side.

Taqueria Los Primos

4429 Troy Highway | Website

The margaritas are strong with this one and the choriqueso is out of this world. Chips and salsa are free and the tacos come with toppings on the side. My roommate would sass me if I didn’t tell you to put the ceviche in your mouth while you’re over there.

Sol Restaurante Mexicano and Taqueria

3962 Atlanta Highway | Website

Sol has a clean, modern feel and an extensive and delicious menu. Loads of people pointed me in its direction. Chips and salsa are free and tacos come with an assortment of toppings on the side.

Try these places and let me know what you think. Comment below or hit me up on Instagram or Facebook.

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