Independence Day in the Gump 2019

Need to know how to celebrate Independence Day in Montgomery, Alabama this year? I’ve got you, fam.

Before we dive too deep into this, it’s important to share with you a pro tip I’ve learned from firsthand experience during last year’s debacle of an attempted fireworks viewing. The city REALLY wants you to watch the fireworks at Biscuits stadium, and they want you to pay for it. Last year onlookers were escorted out of Riverfront Park less than an hour before the show was set to begin. I expect the same antics this year and our only choices for fireworks will be to pay to get into Biscuits Stadium, or pay to get on the Harriet II. I’ve got a lot of political commentary on that one, folks, but I’ll save it for later.

But have no fear! There are plenty of other things we can do to celebrate America’s birthday this year, and they don’t all require paying to watch things explode in the sky.

July 4th makes me think of the outdoors. It makes me think of boozing, of sweating, and of flirting. It makes me think of corn dogs and bicycles. Fortunately, Montgomery has no short supply of opportunities to partake in all these things.

Without further ado, let’s talk shenanigans.

  • Float the Coosa

    Get in a boat, grab some booze, and float your worries away. Rental website here!

  • Head to Lake Martin for the Boat Parade and Fireworks

    Find yourself a rental property (try AirBnB!) and stake out a spot on the lake for this year’s firework show (at the Lake Martin Ampitheatre) and boat parade. Here is the website for Lake Martin events.

  • Bike or Walk a Lagoon Park Trail

    It’s good ole sweaty outdoor fun! There are over five miles of biking and walking paths on the Lagoon Park Trails. Grab your mutt if you’ve got one (or borrow my roommate’s; that’s what I do) and explore a beautiful part of Montgomery. More info here.

  • Watch a parade!

    There’s several around the area, but it looks like the Cloverdale-Idlewild Neighborhood one might be the best. Here is the info for the one in Cloverdale-Idlewild, and here is the info for good-looking one in Pike Road.

  • There’s always fireworks

    The city embraces the fireworks at Biscuits Stadium. Riverfront Park will likely be closed to anyone trying to get a free show, so expect to pay to either go to the baseball game or to hop aboard the Harriet II.

As always, check the Official Events Calendar for the complete guide to what’s good in the Gump.

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